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Our Clients

The families we work with are mostly concerned with their financial health, personal and family health and spiritual and emotional well-being. They prefer advisers who listen and truly understand their family's needs. They seek an adviser who is trustworthy and has their best interests at heart. It is important for an adviser to possess a breadth and depth of industry knowledge and be a problem solver. Our clients want a high-level of personal service while providing personal, not mechanical communications. Essentially, a confidant who is more concerned with their family's financial affairs, not marketing.

Our clients come from many industries and professions. Sometimes there are inter-generational issues. What they want their children to inherit are the same values that helped make them what they are today. The families we serve live primarily in California and Oregon, although a few live outside this region. We serve families in Berkeley, Los Gatos, San Francisco, Los Angeles area, Moraga, Oakland, Roseburg, Portland, and San Francisco.